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Freezer making noise & left side of the freezer (on outside is very warm to touch)

GE upright frost free 20.3 cu.ft. freezer,  model #FUF20DACRWH, manufactured in 09/98.  Freezer located in basement of house.  Never had problems.  Two weeks ago, I opened freezer and searched for item.  Since I had door open, the motor began to run to keep freezer at correct temperature.  When freezer began to run, the noise was unusual from what it has always been.  It was a whining noise, then a scratchy noise.  I closed the freezer door and after a couple of minutes the noise stopped.  For past two weeks, I will hear the noise when I am upstairs.  I will go to basement and slap t

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Outside of Upright freezer very hot to touch

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Freezer making noise & left side of the freezer (on outside is very warm to touch)

Sounds like the freezer evapurator fan... they make noise on and off at times when bears are wore... Thats about the only thing that can make noise inthe area ur talking about.. if noise comes back listen where the freezer fan is.. is most liklly the problem
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Frigidaire freezer making noises

Evaporator is probably frozen up
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Freezer Thawing Out

This will not cause a freon leak and it is possible that the door was left open, but to be certain that you don't have a defrost issue, follow the guide below to diagnose any problems. Also the warm walls are normal during compressor run times. Below is a link that will help you with parts and diagnostic procedures that are specifically tuned to your manufacturers data plate information. If your freezer cools but doesn't get cold enough, it may have a problem in one of several areas. To better understand the proper operation of a freezer, read about freezers in the How Things Work section of our website.In a self-defrosting freezer, poor cooling often results from a heavy frost build-up on the evaporator coils. You can't see these coils without removing a panel inside your freezer. But if you see any frost or ice build-up on the inside walls, ceiling, or floor of your freezer, it's a sure sign of frost build-up. And that's a sign of a problem with the self-defrosting system.Freezers should self-defrost three to four times in 24 hours. But if a component in the self-defrosting system fails, the freezer continues to try to cool, instead. Eventually, so much frost builds up on the evaporator coils that the circulating fan can't draw air over the coils. There's still some cooling because the coils are frozen. But with no air flow over the coils, the cooling is quite limited and the freezer isn't as cold as it needs to be. An easy (though often inconvenient) test of whether the problem is with the self-defrosting system is to remove all of the perishable food from the freezer, turn the thermostat to Off, and leave the door open for 24 to 48 hours. (Keep several towels handy in case the melting frost and ice overflows the drip pan). This "manually" defrosts the freezer. When the frost and ice build-up has completely melted away, turn the thermostat back to a normal setting. If the freezer then cools properly, it indicates a problem with one of these components in the self-defrosting system: The defrost timer. To test this, manually advance to the defrost cycle. The unit should advance itself out of the defrost cycle in about 45 minutes. The defrost thermostat (or bi-metal switch). This thermostat allows current to pass through it at temperatures of 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit and prevents current from passing through it at 40 to 60 degrees (depending on its design). This is difficult to test, though, because it takes a prolonged, very-cold temperature to turn it on. The defrost heater. You can test this for continuity using an electrical meter. If my assistance helped resolve this issue, please show your appreciation by rating how effective my advice was in resolving this issue. Thank you,Dave E. (Illeagle) "Your satisfaction is my personal reward"
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Amana 25. cu ft..freezer not working...making rattling noise now and then

Check the defrost timer, rotate it until a solid click is heard. If your unit starts to work replace that timer. Good Luck
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My freezer is hot!

It is normal for the freezer or fridge walls to be hot sometimes, some important points are to make sure that there is enough ventillation around the fridge/freezer, especcially the back, so that air can circulate around it freely. Also maybe just check that there hasn't been anything fallen down the back blocking the vent, and that there isn't a dust collection or anything. Otherwise as far as I know this is normal.
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GE FUF20 freezer-the outside left side of the cabinet is warm and the right side is cool. Food is not totally frozen? It will keep water cold but no ice forms? Some water was dripping from under the freezer but there is no water in the pan at the rear of the freezer.

There is in-sufficient supply of gas from the thermostat.
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Yesterday i go to work on a True freezer modelT23F. They said it was making noise then shut down. I found that the fan blade was lose causing the noise. After fixing that I left and wanted to see what would happen. They call about 4 hours later saying no noise just that the unit smelled like burnt plastic and the whole unit shut down. The compressor was hot to touch and so was the condensor fan motor when i fixed the fan blade. Where should i go from here is it possible it just needs a new realy and overload. or is it time to replace the compressor or condensor fan motor or whole condensing unit under the freezer.

Hi, If there is power to the appliance but it still seems to be stopped, there may be a problem in one or more of these: Wiring Thermostat Defrost timer Compressor Overload and/or relay. check if all these part listed below are still working and replace the bad ones. Thanks for using Fixya.
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Ffu20fc6aw4 frigidaire upright freezer isn't cooling. The compressor is very hot to the touch and the sides are warm. Freezer was left open while running by a small child and not discovered for almost a week-hasn't cooled properly since then. HELP!

Hello,The advice i will give you is that you refill the compressor of your refrigerator with freon, because the refrigerator compressor is low on freon, that is why the compressor is very hot,.ensure you don't power on the unit anylonger until you refill the compressor with freon otherwise, the compressor will be damaged. Refill the compressor of your unit with freon and your unit should be back in place.Take care.
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Freezer stopped after power outage

If the sides are hot, look at the defrost timer. Sounds like it has stopped running with the defrost elements on. The compressor has a safety switch on it that opens either if the compressor gets too hot or if it pulls too much current when starting. If your power flickered a lot before coming back on, that triggered the safety switch. Now that it's running normally, I wouldn't worry. The defrost timer is your problem now.
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