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Frosty bottom of Leibher Freezer (supposed to be no frost)

I have a large Leibherr premium no frost KGNVESS 5066 fridge freezer.  My problem is that the very bottom floor of the freezer keeps getting badly frosted up.  Any ideas?  do I need someone to come in and if so who do I contact? thanks

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Frosty bottom of Leibher Freezer (supposed to be no frost)

                       I am trying to contact Leibherr; I see that production is located in the United Kingdom. I have found an office located in New York. I’m sure this is not helpful and your freezer is very expensive and I will try to get technical information (if they will allow me access). Sounds as if the defrost timer is not working and that would be the first thing I would look at if I could see the wiring diagram. If it is a common defrost it will be a timer that cycles every 8 hours. If it’s a digital defrost with circuit board I won’t be able to locate it until I get a response from Leibherr. The problem could also be in the defrost element. Here is the link that I have found.  Let me know anything or information you have obtain since the beginning of your search that will help me help you get the problem solved, Thank You, Sea Breeze HVAC                                                                                                                                  
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Ice built up on bottom of freezer then dripping down front

Probably a clogged drain. Use a pipe cleaner to unclog, then a turkey baster with hot water to clean out anything else. Then when the drain is clear, pour a weak bleach solution down the drain to kill the mold that probably caused the blockage If possible remove all food and let it sit unplugged for a day or two. This will clear some defrost problems.
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I have ice building up under the basket. It is

I would check your door seals to make sure they are doing there job. If warm moist air gets into an area of cold this will happen. You may need to get new seals for your freezer door.
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Ice is forming at the bottom of the freezer and freezing the bottom draw shut. it doesn't appear to be leaking and the door shuts properly. it's supposed to be a frost free freezer....

Causes: High humidity in the immediate area causing condensation to freeze at the door opening A frozen defrost drain line not allowing water to drain off when the unit is in defrost A bad door gasket causing an air leak Some freezers have a heated perimeter to reduce condensation. If the stop working, moisture can accumulate arounf the door perimeter and freeze. Leaving the door open too long or something obstructing the door
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My Bosch frostfree fridge freezer keeps icing up!

My Bosch Frost Free Fridge Freezer did the same thing - Ice forming in the bottom of the freezer area after a few days. It was caused by a blocked drain pipe - When the freezer does the de-frosting cycle, the melted ice drips into a tray and tehn runs into a dish on top of teh compressor, through a pipe. If this pipe gets blocked, the de frosted ice overflows from the tray and overflows into the bottom of the freezer and then re-freezes ! To fix, pull the freezer away form the wall, locate the pipe that runs to the dish on top of the compressor and blow through it - This should clear it. Alternatively, from inside the freezer compartment, pull off the cover at the back, but the clips holding it on will probably break off, as mine did ! You can sort of push the cover back on and re-fit the food draws.
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Siemens fridge freezer keeps sounding the alarm but freezing up

Sounds like the tube to the evaporator pan might be blocked. Have a look round the back to check if there is water in the evaporator pan (located on top of the compressor. Do you open the doors frequently or leave them open for a while? If the appliance is in a kitchen where the humidity levels are high it could be that the system can't cope with the amount of ice that it has to try and shift
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Large gash in liner of freezer

If the liner is cracked you can place duck tape over the hole(it is available in white)to hide it. Be sure you are not covering any vents for air flow in the freezer. If this is helpful please leave Feedback. Thanks, SnugglePants
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Icing up in bottom of the freezer

I know how frustrating it is to get freezer ice build-up and unknown annoying noises but I have a solution that works great. I figured this out since I got tired of taking the freezer apart 10 times in 5 years and searching for a never ending noise: Pull out and unplug the refrigerator cord and take the lower back plate off (about a dozen screws) and you should see the plastic ½” drain tube hanging down and pointing at the plastic drain pan that is usually dry but stained. You will find out why it is that way as we go along. NO NEED TO TURN OFF THE WATER SUPPLY NOR DISCONNECT THE WATER LINE UNLESS YOU NEED THE EXTRA ROOM TO GET BACK THERE. Take the shelf, freezer floor, ice maker and light assembly out of the freezer (about a dozen more screws). Mark the wires if you have to disconnect them so you know where they go. Get as much ICE out as you can and mop up the water with some old towels. If you use a scraper you will hurt the plastic, unless you have a plastic scraper or just hitting it with the palm of your hand will break it up nicer. Get everything as dry as you can. Be careful to defrost the Styrofoam inserts slowly until they lift out of their square holes (a hair dryer works wonderful for this). This whole job gets lots easier after you do it a couple of times, BELIEVE ME. If you have a shopvac this part works better: Pull the end off of a shopvac hose (it will go back on later) and feed the plastic shopvac hose up over the plastic ½” drain tube in the back of the refrigerator. Don’t turn the shopvac on just yet. Plug in a hair dryer and prop it up on a small mountain dry towels inside the freezer pointing at the 1/2” drain hole in the back under the coils (the hole is metal lined and in the middle of the metal tray in back, you’ll see it). NOW, turn on the hair dryer and turn on the shopvac and wait about 10 minutes until the shopvac sucks the hot air down through the drain hole and melts the ice. Pour some water down there to clean it out a second time. You should feel the suction of the shopvac at the hole with your finger and it should be strong. The ice clog is about 6 inches down the tube below the opening so it takes a while to thaw out. NOW you know why the drain pan that sits in the bottom of the refrigerator is always empty and just stained. ANSWER: The heat from the freezer heater coil (during the defrost cycle) that is behind the cooling fins in the freezer can’t possibly heat up the drain tube so the water freezes solid. Then the heater coil melts the ice on the cooling coils and the water runs down through the openings in the square Styrofoam inserts (instead of down the drain) and right into the refrigerator where it puddles on the shelves. I usually run some extra water down there and let the shopvac **** it in to give a good rinse. Now put it all back together, BUT PUT THE STYROFOAM INSERTS BACK IN FIRST or you will be taking it back apart again to put them in. Pretty soon you will do the whole job of inside 1 hour on a weekend. The wires with the long piece of tape on them gets routed over the top of the cooling coils and tapes to the back wall above the fan, no biggy. NOW FOR THE NOISE: Remember when you cleaned out the Condenser coils underneath years ago and thought you heard something? That was your vacuum extension wand hitting the fan. The blade is probably bent a little. With the power still off spin the blade with your finger and see if it wobbles and also check if there is anything on the blade or motor shaft that needs to be cleaned off, line string, pet hair or dust. You shouldn’t have to take anything apart to accomplish cleaning it, just unwind anything that got caught up in it. The blades can be bent back as long as you are careful. THE OTHER THING I DID was screw in the front wheel levelers (behind the plastic vent cover under the refrigerator door) until the front was higher that the back. That way the water that accumulates in the freezer is sure to drain to the drain hole in the back and the 2 front doors close better on their own----AMAZING. Also the plastic drain pan sits up a little higher and doesn’t vibrate on the frame and make noise.
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Water pooling and freezing on bottom of freezer. Cools poorly.

Check door gaskets if sealing properly? Check to verify freezer is level? If all of the above are fine then look at your drain for the condenasation. It's located at the bottom of your back wall underneath the aluminum evaporator that the cold air comes from. (You will need to remove the back panel inside of freezer wall To get to the drain. It's probably plugged and frozen over. Do not use a chisel or knif instead take a cup of hot water and pour it Oder the drain area and let it sit. (Your freezer will not be running for an hour or so so think ahead or work fast). That being said you have to unplug unit first :-) once you remove all ice push a straw or something through drain to verify its draining through. You can also flush more water down it to watch it drain showing you that it's working. Start with this first.
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Kenmore upright older freezer coils frost up

The tech was telling you to put it in defrost and if ater the time you didn't hear the click the defrost timer is defective but like you are describing the defrost thermostat (bimetal) could be bad. here's a simple test (if your handy with a screwdriver) just dissasemble the panel and you will see the coil and defrost heater. if your handy with a voltmeter (please disconnect power first!) locate the two wires to the defrost element put the meter in "audible" mode and check for continuity on the defrost heater if you hear a beep it's good if it dosen't beep it's bad just replace heater w/ bimetal and your ready 2 go! email me @ [email protected] if you have any questions
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