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Sides of freezer extremely hot

I have two problems: the freezer motor doesn't seem to be cutting off. Both sides of the freezer are very hot. And, the door is not completely shutting at the top of the freezer. Can the problems with the door not shutting properly be due to the freezer is not quite sitting level, and if so, would leveling the freezer fix my door not shutting properly at the top?

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sides of freezer hot ... with the hot sides of the new freezer. this is normal for a chest freezer to have areas on the sides of the chest freezer that are very ...
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I have an upright freezer (Maytag) that's 2 years old. It used to work very quetly and with cool exterior for the past 2 years but in the last ~5 weeks, the sides ...
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Freezer Exterior Case Warm. It is common for both chest and upright freezers to feel warm (sometimes hot) on the sides. Chest freezers have the condenser wrapped ...
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Outside of Upright freezer very hot to touch

Outside of Upright freezer very hot to touch ... the sides are hot because the condensing is done inside the walls on this freezer.
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I plugged in back in yesterday, and after an hour, it was again very hot on the sides. ... Frigidaire Freezer Getting Hot: jeff1 Carpal Tunnel Registered: 09/24/03
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My freezer is getting extremely hot on the outside. Its still

My freezer is getting extremely hot on the outside. ... My freezer is getting extremely ... The sides (only) feel as hot as the inside of the oven.
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Having a refrigerator that is hot on the sides of the cabinets, you would think is dangerous. So I found this link in Manage My Life that should be helpful to you ...
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deep freeze gets extremely hot on the sides ... remove the inside back panel in the freezer and tell me how much if any frost is on the coil behind the panel please
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Exterior side walls VERY hot

Hi wjjlaw,ngafm at your service,Is the hot side th open side or against the wall or cabinet side?Have you touched this side before in he two years you have this appliance? Or is it that you just noticed it?And if you can keep your hand on that spot for a long time it is not so hot only warm? If it is not burning your had it is probably just the characteristic of that fridge! Check if the freezer part is full to the top and packed full.Freezers can not be so full that you cover the cold air vents usually found in th rear of the freezer. My advice is only a trained tech can remedy this problem, this time!If I were there I'm sure I could nail it down!You need hands on service!Bless You ,ngafm,Please give me a good rating before you sign off.Thank you.
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Sides of freezer extremely hot

If there is air getting into the freezer because the door is not sealing properly the unit will run because it is sensing it is not cold enough inside. your unit releses the heat from the refrigerant through copper tubing that runs through the cabinet, and thats why it is hot. you need to level the unit make sure the door is sealing on the top bottom and both sides ansd then the freezer will work properly and be able to shut off after it has come down to the proper temp.
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My upright freezer failed today and we had to take all food out and relocate. Caught it soon enough to save most fo the food. The exterior sides of the freezer were extremely hot. We completely defrosted and I restarted it about 1/2 hour ago. It seems to be getting cold again, with some frost already evident on the top shelf. However, the sides are again getting extremely hot. I put a cup of water in and will check in the morning for solid ice. I originally just thought one of the kids left the door slightly ajar, but since the sides are hot after the restart, I think there could be a real problem. Your thoughts?

Have you cleaned the bottom of the freezer from dust that gets under there so it can breathe
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My freezer does not work all of the time. I HAVE NOTICED that the freezer get very hot at the top of the unit, I have measured this with a digital therm.and temperture was reading 136 degree F. and,the tempertuare probe was not touching anything, just the open air at the top of the unit and in the front, the back was even hotter. You see the freezer is in a cabinet and there are even holes in the side of the unit but,not at the top so,the hot air is forced out at the top right to the front . I even made several 2 inch holes in the back of the cabinet and the unit work for a while but then it stops freezing,we are losing a lot of food. This is a commercial vertical stand up freezer with one glass door.The name brand is true refrigertion in fact the refrigertor that is in a seperate cabinet works just fine. CAN THE FREEZER BE GETTING TO HOT WHICH CAN CAUSE THE UNIT TO SHUT-DOWN AND,IF SO CAN I INSTALL AN EXHAUST FAN IN THE CEILING WHICH IS ONLY AT THE MOST 2 FEET ABOVE THE FREEZER. HOPING TO MOVE THE HOT AIR AWAY FROM THE FREEZER. ANY ADVICE THAT YOU COULD GIVE TO ME WOULD BE IMMENSLEY APPRECIATED. THANK-YOU

The first thing to check is the condenser coil at the bottom of the freezer. Take the slatted front cover off at the bottom where the compressor is located. You will see the conderser coils. This looks like a radiator with aluminum fins, about 16 by 16 inches square. Be sure the coils are clean. Since the compressor is close to the floor it pulls a lot of dust into the coils. You may need to take a long stiff bristle brush to get as much dust as possible off the coils. If this is stopped up, the unit will definately overheat very quickly. While you are down there make sure the fan behind the coils is running. There are several reasons the fan might stop running. The motor can burn out, something can impede the fan blades such as paper, or sometimes rodents. If the fan isn't running the compressor will overheat and shut off. Once you check these basic things, you may then have to address the problem of dissapating the heat. The answer to your question is yes, it will shut down if it gets too hot. You need plenty of air space behind and over the unit in your situation. The air needs to flow into the front bottom section of this unit and flow freely out the back. All commercial refrigeration is designed to operate in 75 degree areas. As your room temperature increases the efficiency of the freezer will decrease. It is not uncommon to find these units in kitchens where the temperature is 85 even 90 degrees. They will continue to work, but will probably run all the time. I would think if you could get 3 to 4 inches of space at the back of the unit and the two feet above the unit with clean coils and properly running fans, you should get better results. You MUST have free flowing air to keep the unit running. The ideal situation is to have the air flow directly through from front to the back of the compressor compartment. In your case, you may have to move the freezer away from the back wall and allow the air to flow up the back of the freezer and out over the top into the room. 2 inch holes are not enough.
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Freezer is constantly running and sides seem to be caving in on outside

Most likely there is a defect in the coolant system, you might want to get a repair man to help. What i think is happening is water is getting in the sides and when it expands/ contracts it causes the sides to cave in.
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Freezer smells hot and sides are hot - Kenmore 13.7 cu. ft. / 388 liter Upright Freezer 23424

Check behind freezer , to make sure the fan which cools the compressor , is working . If not , replace the fan motor , or , something may be blocking the fan blade ( paper , plastic , etc ) .
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Defaults to 0 deg. temp

I would be more worried about constant power disruptions
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Freezer is hot on the sides is this normal?

Good day, Yes, that is normal. It is ideal to not be in a hot room but as it reaches temperature and begins to cycle off and on it will become somewhat cooler.
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