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Takes weeks to freeze

Hi, my freezers pipes on top are frozen on the foam and is struggling to get below 0, any help please? Thanks, Steve

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Takes weeks to freeze

If you freezer has a defrost timer it should have done the defrost on its own. Only the very old freezers had to be defrosted manually. If it continues to stop cooling or you already haven't had the timer replaced or the defrost elements checked let me know.
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My freezer is having uneven temps throughout. Some areas freeze the items solid and some not at all. the fans are running and all areas are at a temp below freezing....I am in a panic . This freezer is a big part of my bread and butter !!!!! I had a technician in about 6 weeks ago for the same issue. The freezer is only a couple of years old.... any suggestions?

I would check all seals and make sure there are no air leaks. From what you describe there may be several areas that allow warm air to enter and cold air to escape. If the humidity goes up in your location and the door is open a lot it can cause havoc with consistency.
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TRUE under counter FREEZER TU2-27F

Are both evaporator fan and condensor fan running?You stated that you topped off the charge.Assuming the charge is ok, the next thing to check would be the expansion valve.May not be metering the freon properly.A faulty expansion valve can trick you into thinking the unit is undercharged.It may be partially open and starving the evaporator.(Not freezing the water totally)You should have a even coating of frost on the evaporator coil when running.Hope this helps,let me know if i can assist you any further.
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Traulsen freezer URS48DT

Turn cold control to Max. This keeps your compressor running for this troubleshooting exercise. Find and manually advance the defrost timer with a screwdriver or something similar. This will shut the compressor down and bring the defrost heater on. If this happens then you will know that your timer is bad.If it is not that, the next thing to look at is the defrost heater itself or the thermal overload on your defrost heater. This keeps your defroster from overheating.
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True Fridge Running Hard

I would try this: unplug unit and use a vacuum cleaner and vacuum out the entire area. Not sure what you mean by "running really hard"? If you mean noisy, then see if you can see source after cleaning. Try this and let me know if I can be of any further help.
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I have an AHT Salzburg chest freezer and it's stuck in "chilling" mode and not getting cold enough to freeze anything. It's a commercial freezer and says it has chilling and freezing modes but how do I get it into freezing mode? I tried holding the (-) button until it read -22 degrees F and after that it blinks SEEP or SELP? and never gets that cold (it stays around 32 degrees F). There are only 2 other buttons an "Defrost/Reset" and a " ". Any help would be great! Thanks!

Pull the plug and let it defrost. ck the drain for water. it maybe pluged. after 2 to 4 hrs. plug it back in and set the temp. to -10 degrees f . fill small dish or bowl with water and see how long it take to freez. if it takes longer then 4 hrs you may need freon or have a compreesor problem, or defrost timer .
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Small Frigidaire chest freezer not freezing any longer

Hi, first check the dial inside the freezer and make sure you have it set for a cold temperature, check the back wall or floor of the freezer section for frost, check the freezer (evaporator) fan to see if it is running, check the condenser coil (under the unit) for blockage from dust, check the condenser fan (under the unit) to see if it is running.If you have frost in the freezer, there is a problem with the defrost system and the freezer will start to warm eventually as well as the fresh food section. If that is the problem, you can check the defrost terminator, defrost heater/s, and the defrost timer or adaptive defrost control if used on the unit, or the main control board if so equipped. These things usually require dismantling the freezer and other areas of the refrigerator to be checked.You could defrost the freezer by disconnecting the power to the refrigerator and letting it sit for at least 24 hours with DOORS WIDE OPEN to allow the frost to melt completely but it will build up again in 1-2 weeks and start the warming up again.If the freezer refrigerator is older, then the problem should be with the compressor with either a slow leak of gas or the gas is totally empty. Please call in a repair service.Take care
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Freezes for 7 to 14 days then just quits!

Hate to tell you but your compressor is going out on your freezer ,,, i'd look for another freezer.Larry
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My freezer does not work all of the time. I HAVE NOTICED that the freezer get very hot at the top of the unit, I have measured this with a digital therm.and temperture was reading 136 degree F. and,the tempertuare probe was not touching anything, just the open air at the top of the unit and in the front, the back was even hotter. You see the freezer is in a cabinet and there are even holes in the side of the unit but,not at the top so,the hot air is forced out at the top right to the front . I even made several 2 inch holes in the back of the cabinet and the unit work for a while but then it stops freezing,we are losing a lot of food. This is a commercial vertical stand up freezer with one glass door.The name brand is true refrigertion in fact the refrigertor that is in a seperate cabinet works just fine. CAN THE FREEZER BE GETTING TO HOT WHICH CAN CAUSE THE UNIT TO SHUT-DOWN AND,IF SO CAN I INSTALL AN EXHAUST FAN IN THE CEILING WHICH IS ONLY AT THE MOST 2 FEET ABOVE THE FREEZER. HOPING TO MOVE THE HOT AIR AWAY FROM THE FREEZER. ANY ADVICE THAT YOU COULD GIVE TO ME WOULD BE IMMENSLEY APPRECIATED. THANK-YOU

The first thing to check is the condenser coil at the bottom of the freezer. Take the slatted front cover off at the bottom where the compressor is located. You will see the conderser coils. This looks like a radiator with aluminum fins, about 16 by 16 inches square. Be sure the coils are clean. Since the compressor is close to the floor it pulls a lot of dust into the coils. You may need to take a long stiff bristle brush to get as much dust as possible off the coils. If this is stopped up, the unit will definately overheat very quickly. While you are down there make sure the fan behind the coils is running. There are several reasons the fan might stop running. The motor can burn out, something can impede the fan blades such as paper, or sometimes rodents. If the fan isn't running the compressor will overheat and shut off. Once you check these basic things, you may then have to address the problem of dissapating the heat. The answer to your question is yes, it will shut down if it gets too hot. You need plenty of air space behind and over the unit in your situation. The air needs to flow into the front bottom section of this unit and flow freely out the back. All commercial refrigeration is designed to operate in 75 degree areas. As your room temperature increases the efficiency of the freezer will decrease. It is not uncommon to find these units in kitchens where the temperature is 85 even 90 degrees. They will continue to work, but will probably run all the time. I would think if you could get 3 to 4 inches of space at the back of the unit and the two feet above the unit with clean coils and properly running fans, you should get better results. You MUST have free flowing air to keep the unit running. The ideal situation is to have the air flow directly through from front to the back of the compressor compartment. In your case, you may have to move the freezer away from the back wall and allow the air to flow up the back of the freezer and out over the top into the room. 2 inch holes are not enough.
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