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Freezing water line

Whirlpool upright Freezer Mod#EV150NXGW00 Ser# EWJ1668330 It has a door lock. line leading to the pan below freezes up.The door also freezes and lets the water out when I remove all items and thaw completely. I have cheked to make sure the line is open each time I have thawed it. Thanks for any help you can give me. Dick potosh

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Freezing water line

Yes this freezer is built by woods corp. They had a myriad of drain icing problems. There is a kit to resolve this although sometimes it doesnt always work make sure that the plastic liner in the drain trough isnt cracked or it will let water in the liner, icing the drain. Seal any cracks with epoxy. Try running a piece of 14 guage copper wire strand (no insulation) from def heater and extend into drain hole. This will help it drain. All this is axcessed though back cover in freezer.
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Drain keep freezing up at entry point to the drain tube causing water to freeze from the drain top down to the bottom of the freezer. ( frozen waterfall!) Could the defrost heater be malfunctioning? i.e. heats up enought to melt the ice on the coils but not enought to prevent the water from refreezing at the drain opening? I have cleaned the drain line once already only to have the drain freeze again. Worst yet, the water entered the bottom of the door and the doors fiberglass insulation wicked up the water whcih then froze in a sheet, This required the door to be dismanteled to remove the ice and to add new insulation. Appreciate your suggestions and / or advice on how to eliminate the problem. Duane

Not sure of your model number and manufacturer, but in some freezer there is a seperate drain heater that should stay on for the complete defrost time. (the defrost heater will shut off when the evap coil reaches a certain temp, and the rest of the defrost time only the drain heater is energized.) That would be the very first place that I would start. Hope this helps
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Icemaker makes shells. Outside is frozen but

Hollow cubes are caused by not having enough water in the ice mold. Fill it up manually by pouring water in it and see how the cubes turn out. look for an adjustment behind the plastic endcover with a +/- on it. - is less water. + is more water. Try swapping the wires on the dual water inlet valve. Then try the water dispenser. The water should go to the ice maker. This will tell you weather or not the ice maker valve is working and if the line is clear.There is a screen filter before the water inlet valve in the water line. It can get partially stopped up with sediment blocking water flow.
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Maytag upright freezer with self defrost. The water line freezes.

This sounds like your defrost heating coil has gon bad. Not much you can do but replace it. Please leave a good thumbs up for me for the effort. Pretty sure I'm correct on this one. The Raz Shack
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Whirlpool Freezer Hi, I have a Whirlpool Bottom Mount freezer. Model is EB22DKXFW01. I noticed the freezer was slowly (like over the course of a week) getting less and less cold. It still didn't go all the way warm, but steaks were getting pliable! I took everything out, removed the back panel (inside the freezer) and saw that the fins, wires, lines, etc...were caked in frost. I unplugged the unit, and let it thaw out. I took the panel off of the back of the fridge and got most of the water out of the drain pan. At this point, I have left the cover inside the freezer off to watch it and see how it does. It is freezing fine, but I am not sure that it is defrosting. The defrost timer is working, because I can hear the little motor running and the dial moves/clicks on/off. However, the fins seem to be building up frost quickly again (over the course of 2 days). Defrost heater? Thermo switch? I only know what I know from talking to people and searching the web, so don't assume that I actually know what a part looks like or where it goes (except the timer). Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Jason

Most likely you have a defrost problem. IF, you think the timer is ok then the most likely problem is the bi-metal. That is a little part usually on the top right side of the evap coil and has two wires on it. If you can find the defrost timer and advance it slowly till the refrigerator stops running, then being in the defrost postion you can see if the heater is coming on. If so you have a bad timer. If NOT, then either the heater or the bi-metal is bad. Usually it is the bi-metal
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Hoshizaki ice machine KM500-MAE not sending water to harvest

I would not change the pump. If it runs for 3-5 minutes and stops, it has to be a control. The control board runs the freeze cycle for the first 5 minutes. This prevent "Short Cycling" of the freeze cycle. The board looks at the float after the first 5 minutes for the proper water level but should not effect the pump. If the pump does not run in the wash mode, check out the "Power/ Wash" switch. I would start there before I go spending hundreds on pump motor or control board. You may be able to get by on a $20 fix! Do this and get back to me. We will get it going. Good Luck
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I have an upright freezer which does not drain properly. Water accumulates in the bottom and freezes. The ice will get so high it affects the sliding basket. I have cleaned the drain line by defrosting and blowing it out with compressed air. There are no kinks in the line. What is causing the line to not drain?

Good day, Long winded if your ready. Frigidaire along with Whirlpool use the shortest defrost cycle on the market. 20 and 21 minutes. Pathetically short. 1. One method is to remove the main heater, and using a piece of #14 solid copper wire, wrap one end very tightly about 6 turns around the heater with the leftover long enough to stick well into the drain hole. Reinsert the heater feeding the copper end into the drain hole. It's a fit and trial method and should extend at least 2" into the drain hole. This will transfer heat directly from the heater to the copper wire and aid in keeping the drain from freezing shut. 2. Changing the timer. If your machine uses a standard 4 prong timer, see if you can buy an Amana or Maytag timer. Their defrost cycles run between 30 and 35 minutes. Huge difference, but you'll need a real savvy counter man at the parts house to get you set up. I do this all the time. 3. Defrost thermostat. This is the small round disk clipped to the top of the coil. Looks like this. You won't be able to buy it as a Frigidaire part. GE makes it as a kit with all the accessories to install. The part number is WR50X45, WR50X50 ect. The last 2 numbers are the temperature. You want to bump it up at least 5 degrees. The temp is stamped on your old tstat. For example, if your's is a 50 degree tstat replace it with a WR50X55. You can choose to do one or all of the above as you see fit, however, In some cases where the water has overflowed and gotten behind the aluminum plate that serves as the drain pan and backing plate, it can saturate the styrofoam and causing it to draw the heat away and nullifying all your work. If you feel that might be the case, you must unplug the machine and air dry it for at least 2 days. I know, but haste makes waste when dealing with refrigeration equipment. Good luck my friend. Your not alone with this problem.
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Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker

Ck condensor fan motor that cools compressor under unit. yoder loop runs through center divider and causes gaskets to get hot
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Ice Maker is dead on Kenmore Elite TRIO bottom freezer with French doors. This model has separate water dispenser inside fridge on left and ice maker in bottom freezer. We've tried replacing the filter, hairdrying the ice maker, and thawing the freezer. No luck. Pulled the whole thing out from the wall today and noticed the water input separates into 2 lines and the freezer line has water in it but the water stops in the line just before entering the back of the freezer. Any suggestions for a brave amateur or is this a job for a professional?

You can check the fill tube in the freezer make sure it is not blocked with frozen water. if you can disconnec the water supply line from the fill tube try and reset the ice maker to advance it to a new cycle and if water come out of the supply line the you knwo there is a blockage if no water comes out the the ice maker may be bad or the fill valve is bad. last thing you may need to call a service tech out to find the problem.good luck i hope that this has helped some what.i would like to knwo how thing go for you
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