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Freezer Not Freezing

Freezer is hovering around 37 degrees. POssible problems?

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The seal around the freezer door can be another problem when your freezer is running but not freezing. Test your freezer's door seal by inserting a dollar bill ...
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Freezer not freezing? Use our DIY troubleshooting & videos. Then, get the parts you need fast. Return any part for 365 days.
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Freezer is not cold enough : Check the temperature setting. Assure that there is enough room for air flow in the freezer. Check for air flow restrictions in vents
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May 21, 2008 · Hi Derek, I am not familiar with Norfrost Aura Freezers. Here’s some general (generic) freezer repair info. below. If this is not helpful, I suggest ...
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Aug 18, 2013 · My freezer wasn't doing a good job freezing but there was ice on the back wall. Turned out my freezer was frozen solid. I had to thaw out my freezer and ...

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Hi @ Ahmad Raza, If you mean the evaporator unit (this is inside the freezer compartment behind a panel) is iced up and not defrosting and the evaporator fan is also ...
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Why Is My Freezer Not Cold Enough? Simple things you can do before calling a repair service.
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Freezer Troubleshooting – What to Check Before You Call a Pro. by Chris Jones. You probably don’t think much about your freezer. As long as it’s running and ...
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I just noticed today that my Freezer is not is cold inside...but not cold enough to freeze....My Model # is LFFU1465DW6 . The Compressor is kicking on ...
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My freezer does not work all of the time. I HAVE NOTICED that the freezer get very hot at the top of the unit, I have measured this with a digital therm.and temperture was reading 136 degree F. and,the tempertuare probe was not touching anything, just the open air at the top of the unit and in the front, the back was even hotter. You see the freezer is in a cabinet and there are even holes in the side of the unit but,not at the top so,the hot air is forced out at the top right to the front . I even made several 2 inch holes in the back of the cabinet and the unit work for a while but then it stops freezing,we are losing a lot of food. This is a commercial vertical stand up freezer with one glass door.The name brand is true refrigertion in fact the refrigertor that is in a seperate cabinet works just fine. CAN THE FREEZER BE GETTING TO HOT WHICH CAN CAUSE THE UNIT TO SHUT-DOWN AND,IF SO CAN I INSTALL AN EXHAUST FAN IN THE CEILING WHICH IS ONLY AT THE MOST 2 FEET ABOVE THE FREEZER. HOPING TO MOVE THE HOT AIR AWAY FROM THE FREEZER. ANY ADVICE THAT YOU COULD GIVE TO ME WOULD BE IMMENSLEY APPRECIATED. THANK-YOU

The first thing to check is the condenser coil at the bottom of the freezer. Take the slatted front cover off at the bottom where the compressor is located. You will see the conderser coils. This looks like a radiator with aluminum fins, about 16 by 16 inches square. Be sure the coils are clean. Since the compressor is close to the floor it pulls a lot of dust into the coils. You may need to take a long stiff bristle brush to get as much dust as possible off the coils. If this is stopped up, the unit will definately overheat very quickly. While you are down there make sure the fan behind the coils is running. There are several reasons the fan might stop running. The motor can burn out, something can impede the fan blades such as paper, or sometimes rodents. If the fan isn't running the compressor will overheat and shut off. Once you check these basic things, you may then have to address the problem of dissapating the heat. The answer to your question is yes, it will shut down if it gets too hot. You need plenty of air space behind and over the unit in your situation. The air needs to flow into the front bottom section of this unit and flow freely out the back. All commercial refrigeration is designed to operate in 75 degree areas. As your room temperature increases the efficiency of the freezer will decrease. It is not uncommon to find these units in kitchens where the temperature is 85 even 90 degrees. They will continue to work, but will probably run all the time. I would think if you could get 3 to 4 inches of space at the back of the unit and the two feet above the unit with clean coils and properly running fans, you should get better results. You MUST have free flowing air to keep the unit running. The ideal situation is to have the air flow directly through from front to the back of the compressor compartment. In your case, you may have to move the freezer away from the back wall and allow the air to flow up the back of the freezer and out over the top into the room. 2 inch holes are not enough.
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Freezeing up, not cooling - True 23 cu. ft. / 651 liter Commercial Freezer T-23F

Without knowing if it a freezer or a cooler I will have to guess. Could be caused by a few things. I'll list them in order of the one I think is the most common reason. Cooler Door gaskets or someone left door open for a time. Thermostat set to low. Low freon expantion valve out of adjustment or needs replaced Freezer Defrost not working (Will have heaters with a timer) Low on freon or expantion valve
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My freezer will freeze for about 2weeks then it starts to get warm when I turn it off for about 6hrs it will refreeze

It sounds to me like the defrost isn't working somewhere.It freezes for 2 weeks until the evaporator coil freezes over and you lose your airflow, hence, your cooling. Then when you shut the unit off for 6 hours it thaws out enough to get you cooling again for 2 weeks.Check your defrost timer and see if it is going into defrost and if your defrost elements are good. Both will be located on top of the unit. Good luck!
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Fan on t-23f not working, help! - True 23 cu. ft. / 651 liter Commercial Freezer T-23F

Common issue on these is the the coil temp sensor mounted to the coils on top of the unit. The sensor is butted right up against the coil, and the defrost term switch is on the underside of the top of the case. Check these for continuity, but most likely the coil temp sensor. If these check OK then your fan motor may be bad. On some models from True there is a door switch that also has to be made so check that as well. Parts and diagram on the commercial freeezers are not readily available to the public and would be hard to come by without talking to a lisenced repair tech or True themselves. Sometimes you can disconnect the sensor and touch it directly to the coils and this may or may not work, depending on the condition of the sensor. Check for voltage going to the fan if none there then check the sensor. Here is a manual on this machine.
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Keeps freezing up and will not hold the lower temp. Do not know where the defrost timer is, or how to set. I am thinking this may be the problem.

Hi.The only manual distributed by True online is this: Installation and Use Manual.The manual is multi model and the instructions to program defrost are at page 21.Here instructional video.Here also an enquiry form to contact True online.Support page with exploded views link (under Cad Drawings).Regards.Ginko
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Hi - We've got a Turbo Air TGF-23F mrechandising freezer that freezes - down to -15 and then suddently begins to warm up about 1 degree per minute. In about 15 minutes its just over 0 degrees and climbs to 5 degrees before I hear the compressor try and kick back in. Sometimes it does - and then back to -15, and other times it doesn't and warms to about 20 degrees before it tries and then makes it. Local diagnostics said " need to replace the run capacitor and the relay...and probably the start capacitor too while we're at it...Some $200 in parts alone.. Helps? Seem reasonable / logical? Thanks!

Did they test the thermostat? I would think that the compressor would kick on before you got that much of a fluctuation, unless the thermostat is not sensing the change fast enough.The run and start capactiors and relay, did they give you a reason for that? When the compressor kicks on does it surge the power? Light dim or something? It is hard to guess without being able to put an o'scope on your machine to be able to see what it is doing, but just based on what your write-up was, I can't see the parts you said they want to replace will fix the problem.
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