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Whirlpool upright frost free freezer

I purchased this model with serial #EWM3129639080303 in 2003. It has not worked correctly since. The problem seems to be that it does not freeze properly. It was originally freezing, then things started thawing. Under warrenty the seal for the door was replaced. Next the compressor was replaced. Then it only froze at the bottom where it was draining from the panels inside of the freezer. When it was thawing from the frost free hose. The repair man then replaced a small hose that had a bend or something wrong with it. Now it drains out but doesn't get below 40 degrees so it doesn't freeze.

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Small patch of ice if frost free freezer

Frost free does not mean no frost ever anywhere. It just means that there is a mechanism to defrost the evaporator on a regular basis. If there is a spot where frost is forming in the box it may just mean that a little bit of moisture that is not collected on the coil may be finding another cold spot to stick. The area where the fan blows into the cabinet is bound to be the coldest spot in the freezer therefore an ideal place to collect frost. Check the level of the unit and your door gasket to be sure the door is closing tight and true.
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My Whirlpool upright frost free freezer will not drain water into drip pan. it keeps draining into freezer.

Hello,The solution is to first completely empty the freezer (sorry), unplug it and remove the cover in the back of the freezer case. This is usually a full metal sheet with screws securing it to the case. If you find it in several pieces, it is probably the bottom section you need to remove.Once you've uncovered the inner workings of your freezer, you need to locate the rather obvious defrost elements - these will usually be exposed cooper rods or tubes that heat up during each defrost cycle. Find the defrost element that is closest to the freezer's drainline, and wrap one end of the cooper wire around the defrost rod about 5 or 6 times - then run it down the inside of the rear of the freezer case, and into the drain itself, about 6 or 8 inches or more if possible.What you have just done is to assure that each time your freezer defrost comes on, the drain water will always have a clear and unfrozen path out. Replace the cover in the back of the freezer case, and put your food back in. Plug the freezer back in. this should fix the problem.Take care.
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Whirlpool Freezer I have a 15.2 cf upright frost-free whirlpool freezer. For the past month I have been having to clear out a layer of ice from under the basket in bottom of freezer. Food appears to stay frozen with no problems and when the door first shuts the seal prevents from being able to open it for a few minutes. Can you give me any suggestions? My husband and I are both retired, living on fixed income and would prefer not to have to put out money for new freezer if unnecessary. Thank You. HMc

Your defrost drain is frozen remove the rear bottom panel on the freezer at the back insede the freezer and clear the defrost drain there will be a hole under the ice you just need to clear the drain not buy a new freezer
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Whirlpool upright frost free freezer

Over charging can certainly keep it from freezing depending on the pressures how much it is overcharged the sealed systems on whirlpools have a five year warranty with your history id call whirlpool cust relations and discuss this problem with them they will help not customer assistance cust relations they are different talk highly of their product and tell them you think you just got a lemon thats all and it hasn't ever worked right now Whirlpool cares about their customers most people believe that the factories just build things to last till the warranty runs out that's not true they want you happy with their product on average one unhappy customer will tell 20 people and that's bad for business they would be happy if you never had a problem with their stuff so give them a call tell your mom had Whirlpool your granny had whirlpool you got your whole kitchen whirlpool this is the first Whirlpool you've had a problem with so you think it just must be a bad unit let me know what they tell you now that's customer relations you want to call ok
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I have a Frigidaire upright freezer model# ffu20f9gw3. The temperature alarm light is on. Cold air is blowing but the ice cream melted, and the hot dogs are still frozen and loaves of bread that i normally put in my refrigerator freezer and comes out pretty solid is still alittle soft but cold in the upright freezer. The light has been on for a couple of days now, this model is a frost free upright. Thank you in advance for any help!

I have had the same problem with my frigidaire/electrolux upright freezer... I am researching to see if there is a pattern. Once or twice a year for the past few years, the freezer defrosted itself. I found the outside of the unit to be VERY hot to the touch around the time that this occurred. We typically unplug it for a chunk of time when this happens and then replug it. It has always begun working again. Sadly, we have lost many groceries and have had to clean many bloody meat messes as a result of this. ANYONE buying this freezer should save their receipt... That way, they can return it or have it repaired when it fails. I hate to think of sending all of these failing monstrosities to the landfill... =(
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Kenmore upright older freezer coils frost up

The tech was telling you to put it in defrost and if ater the time you didn't hear the click the defrost timer is defective but like you are describing the defrost thermostat (bimetal) could be bad. here's a simple test (if your handy with a screwdriver) just dissasemble the panel and you will see the coil and defrost heater. if your handy with a voltmeter (please disconnect power first!) locate the two wires to the defrost element put the meter in "audible" mode and check for continuity on the defrost heater if you hear a beep it's good if it dosen't beep it's bad just replace heater w/ bimetal and your ready 2 go! email me @ [email protected] if you have any questions
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Frigidaire frost free upright freezer door corner dripping

Hello Yellow, thank you for your post! I understand that your Frigidaire freezer is dripping water out of the corner of the door. It is possible that with your power going out the heat may have caused the gasket to warp. Do you see any frost build-up? The water that is dripping could be coming from condensation within the freezer. I would recommend checking the gasket to see if it is allowing warm air to enter the freezer. I recommend that you visually inspect the door gasket for defects such as gaps or tears. You can also use a dollar bill to test the door gasket. Place a dollar bill in between the door and the body of the freezer. If the dollar bill pulls out with no to little resistance, you may need to replace the door gasket. A faulty door gasket can allow warm air to enter the compartment and cause frost to condensation or a leak. I hope this information is helpful. -Matt
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Upright freezer door inside developing ice

The door seal is at fault. Regardless of the small tear it is not sealing well. Take a dollar bill and close it in the door. Then pull on the bill to feel resistance. You will find it pulls easily in some place. That is where your air leak is that is causing the condensation. Do this about every 6 inches all the way around the seal.
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