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Fridge compartment drain channel overflows up to twice a day flooding the fridge drain hole appears to be clear i think that the frostfree feature is defrosting to the fridge seems to be starting up every ten mins. help

Posted by bigbro on Jan 24, 2008

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Fridge compartment drain channel overflows up to twice a day flooding the fridge drain hole appears to be clear i think that the frostfree feature is defrosting to the fridge seems to be starting up every ten mins. help

Check the drain line on the back and under the refrigerator. I think you will find out that it is clogged up. You didn't give a model number ao I can't tell you where to pinpoint the blockage. There may be a drip catch at the top of the refrigerator that you can pull out, no tools needed on the drip catch.
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Defroster leaks my refrigerator leaks water from the inside of the unit. i had an technician check the problem. he said it was the defroster that was leaking the water. what should i do? soon i'll have to replace my flooring because of the water. please help with this problem. I am having this same problem with my refrigerator.  We have a Kenmore which was purchased from Sears probably 5-6 years ago when we bought our house.   It is a "refrigerator -freezer with autommatic defrost and top mounted freezer"  There is an icemaker but we do not use (it is not hooked to a water line because it won't reach one in our kitchen.) It's a Kenmore.  The paperwork says it is model #7113 the full model number given inside the fridge says it's model 253.71134103 Anyhow - every week I have to empy the fridge and mop up much water from under my vegetable bins and the top of many of the shelves.  It seems the lower shelves are worse - and the freezer doesn't seem to need defrosting.   There is sometimes a thin layer of ice on one of the shelves. Any help on how to fix this would be much appreciated.

You have a cloged evap. drain. the rf is defrosting properly but with the drain be clogged the water has to go somewhere which is generally in the crisper draws on top and bottom models. two way to clear up this issue. turn rf OFF for at least 48 to 72 hrs. to allow the drain to de-ice or take matters into your own hands and take the back panel off of the freezer and using boiling hot water pour it down the evap. drain tube until it flows like you just flushed a tiolet
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Whirlpool Freezer Hi, I have a Whirlpool Bottom Mount freezer. Model is EB22DKXFW01. I noticed the freezer was slowly (like over the course of a week) getting less and less cold. It still didn't go all the way warm, but steaks were getting pliable! I took everything out, removed the back panel (inside the freezer) and saw that the fins, wires, lines, etc...were caked in frost. I unplugged the unit, and let it thaw out. I took the panel off of the back of the fridge and got most of the water out of the drain pan. At this point, I have left the cover inside the freezer off to watch it and see how it does. It is freezing fine, but I am not sure that it is defrosting. The defrost timer is working, because I can hear the little motor running and the dial moves/clicks on/off. However, the fins seem to be building up frost quickly again (over the course of 2 days). Defrost heater? Thermo switch? I only know what I know from talking to people and searching the web, so don't assume that I actually know what a part looks like or where it goes (except the timer). Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Jason

Most likely you have a defrost problem. IF, you think the timer is ok then the most likely problem is the bi-metal. That is a little part usually on the top right side of the evap coil and has two wires on it. If you can find the defrost timer and advance it slowly till the refrigerator stops running, then being in the defrost postion you can see if the heater is coming on. If so you have a bad timer. If NOT, then either the heater or the bi-metal is bad. Usually it is the bi-metal
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Fridge Freezer in Autodefrost mode

Power surge can cause problems such as you have. I am not familiar with your brand but it sounds like the defrost timing circuit is your problem. Defrosting the surface of the back wall is not the answer. The cooling coil in the freezer is behind the back wall normally and a surface defrost does not do the trick of defrosting the coil. Have an appliance service tech check it out for you.
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Defrost cycle on my elecrtolux ER 7926/1 B fridge freezer seem to be to long and temperature in the freezer drops down to 0 C every defrost cycle, does enyone have a wiring diagram for this model please

No i dont but i could suggest you check the heating element and the clixon that connects to the evaporator. If the heater does not function, it takes a much longer time than usual to switch the freezer on.
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Maytag rtd 2300aaw Fridge. Freezer iced up/ fridge not below 40 - iced drain in freezer? Have unplugged for 24 hours and poured hot water on base of freezer - water seems to be dripping into fridge and also running down back of interior of fridge compartment then draining through bottom of fridge into drip pan. if freezer drain iced it is/was probably plugged?

Sounds like your drain hole/drain line from the freezer to the drip pan is clogged up.remove your freezer floor panelThen remove the back panel, if you have an ice maker, you'll need to remove that first. Then you will see the drain hole under the evaporator coil. It may beiced up, you will have to clear all of the ice and run hot water downthe drain hole.Most times this is a plugged defrost drainsystem. The defrost heater in the freezer section melts the frost and changes it to water,this water is suppose to flow down a drain system. If this drain system is restricted orplugged the water will leak inside the refrigerator. The drain system starts in thefreezer section with a tray built under the evaporator coil. The water is funneled througha small hose into a cup in the top middle of thefresh food section ( not on all models, but this is the most common way ), from there, thewater is directed out the back wall to a drain hosethat runs down the back of the refrigerator into a condensing tray. The heat created underthe fridge makes the water evaporate and disappear. Some of the cups ( in the top back of the fresh food section ) canbe removed for cleaning. A turkey baster can be used to help clean out the drain system.Fill the baster with hot water and "blast" it into the drain hose to help flushit out. A piece of wire or pipe cleaner can also be pushed into the drain hoses to helpclean then out. On a S x S style of fridge the drain system is in the bottom back of thefreezer section and often you will have to remove the evaporator cover to access the drainhole. You can clean this out in the same manneras previously mentioned, but because of the water leaking into the freezer instead of thefresh food section you will have to remove the ice build up to clean out the drain system.For some reason Whirlpool has found a need to "hide" the drain hoseinside the walls now ( Whirlpoolmakes many of the maytag branded refrigerators ) onthere top freezer refrigerators.This makes accessing the drain hose to flush it out more difficult, no cupinside the fresh food section, no hose down the outside back wall and the onlyaccess is inside the freezer section behind the back false wall and under the evaporatorcoils. RegardsIversh
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Fridge freezer upright

Replaced the thermostat
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I have a sears upright frost-free freezer, manufactured in July 2003, model # 253.23024101 which I purchased new. For the last couple of years, about every three months it accumulates about a 1/4 inch of ice on the inside floor of the freezer, and over the drain line to the evaporator tray underneath, and water then leaks onto the floor. On April 15, 2009 I replaced the defrost thermostat and the defrost heating element and the problem still persists. I also checked the drain line to the evaporator tray underneath the freezer. When it leaks onto the floor, I have been chipping the ice away and using a hair dryer to remove the ice that develops in the drain line and then pour a cup of water down the unfrozen drain line and the freezer is fine again for a couple of months. Any ideas?

Make sure that the fridge is level. If the drain pitch is not sufficient, this will happen. The solution is cheap too!
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Where is the evaporator fan motor? My Freezer and fridge would quit cooling/freezing. I took the back panel off in the freezer a week ago and the evaporator coils were completely frozen over with ice. I unplugged it and let it defrost and it worked great for a week. Then frost would build in the back of the freezer. Then freezer and fridge not cooling again. The coils were not frozen in the freezer like before. Looked normal with normal amts of frost on all coils. The condensor seems to running normally no clicking sound. The fan down there is running fine and coils are clean. In the past I noticed a noise from a fan inside the fridge somewhere when it came on it made a rattle sound. Since my refrigerator does not have a defrost timer I am thinking it is the evaporator fan motor. I just don't know where that is to replace it.

I do not believe the problem is the fan. sounds like the frig. is low on Freon this is what will cause the ice build up. you need to find the leak, you can do this by spraying soapy water on coil tubes & watch for bubbles. repair leak & recharge.
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