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Water dispenser / ice maker whirlpool fridge frezzer

Help , the ice dispenser does not make ice and now I have a slow leak from the end of the water dispenser pipe .any idea's

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Floating bits in Whirlpool fridge-freezer crushed ice water

Ice cubes freeze from the outside, so the center of the cube is the last to freeze. Ice is pure water, only H 2 O, so as the ice cube freezes, all of the dissolved minerals are pushed to the center. Near the end of the freezing, there isn't much water left in the center of the cube, so these minerals become very concentrated, and they form the "white stuff" – the technical name is precipitate. The hardness minerals that cause the "white stuff" are not toxic.
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I have a Kenmore side/side with water dispenser and ice maker. Ice maker is not making ice, but I still get water. Every once in awhile I see a puddle under fridge (a large puddle). When I pull the fridge out from the wall I see a tube that runs from the water line up to the back of the ice maker. This tube is not connected to spout leading into the ice maker. I can also feel water on the back side of the fridge leading me to believe this is the source of my water leak. If water is going up there, I am not sure why it isn't going into the ice tray. And why the tube is comeing undone and water leaking everywhere. I though maybe ice was built up, but I defrosted and still have the issue.

Hi TJ,It'll cost around $65.00 to take care of this problem. The problem is the water inlet valve. The part number is 4389177 and can be picked up at your local appliance parts retailer or you can get one online maybe for a better price (just plug the part number into your favorite search engine).Here's what's happening... The valve I mentioned is actually a "dual coil" unit. One coil supplies the cold water, the other feeds the ice maker. These "coils" are independant of each other, so one coil can fail and the other can keep on truckin', no problem. But what you have is an Ice Maker coil/valve that is weak and it's allowing water to bypass.Basically the IM valve isn't closing shut completely. Imagine a dripping faucet... that's what it's like except you can't hear the drops, you can only see the results. Imagine drop by drop rising up that tube behind the fridge and into the IM. One drop at a time. These drops of water go into the freezer compartment through the IM fill tube. Now when these little ***** drops slide down the fill tube inside the freezer compartment they flash freeze before they reach the IM. One drop after another... drip drop drip drop. All these little droplets of water eventually form a glacier inside the fill tube. OK, now we're at the point of glatiation. The fill tube (just behind the ice maker) has completely frozen solid. Now... when the IM "calls" for water to refill itself, the (failed) valve opens up and lets full pressure through. But where is this water/pressure going to go? The pressure builds inside the 1/4" water line until it can't handle it any more, the pressure looks for the path of least resistance. That path is the connection that you found loose. It blew out because the fill tube (into the freezer) is blocked with ice and the reason it's blocked is because the valve isn't shutting off completely.That's alot of words to say this... it's an easy fix. Get the valve (above). Pull the fridge out. Unplug it. Turn the water off at the wall. Remove the water line going into the valve and set aside. Remove the cardboard panel. Remove the 2 screws holding the valve to the fridge. Pull the valve out. Note the electrical and tubing connections carefully. Get your new valve out and install the electrical and tubing just like the old one. Then rebuild, turn on the water and look for any leaks (use a flashlight and take a minute or two here... finding a leak now will save you alot of misery later). Replace the cardboard and plug it back in.There ya go! Your first major appliance repair job done successfully? Priceless.SG
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Ice Maker is dead on Kenmore Elite TRIO bottom freezer with French doors. This model has separate water dispenser inside fridge on left and ice maker in bottom freezer. We've tried replacing the filter, hairdrying the ice maker, and thawing the freezer. No luck. Pulled the whole thing out from the wall today and noticed the water input separates into 2 lines and the freezer line has water in it but the water stops in the line just before entering the back of the freezer. Any suggestions for a brave amateur or is this a job for a professional?

You can check the fill tube in the freezer make sure it is not blocked with frozen water. if you can disconnec the water supply line from the fill tube try and reset the ice maker to advance it to a new cycle and if water come out of the supply line the you knwo there is a blockage if no water comes out the the ice maker may be bad or the fill valve is bad. last thing you may need to call a service tech out to find the problem.good luck i hope that this has helped some what.i would like to knwo how thing go for you
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Why does my daewoo fridge freezer works intermittently ?

You either have a faulty thermostat, a loose connection or most likely a build up of ice inside the freezer. I had the same problem. Almost replaced fridge. Took all the food out one day, took out the racks and disassembled bottom and rear and found a two foot log block of ice inside air return. Removed ice everything works perfectly.
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My ice maker has never worked on my freezer i have a whirlpool side by side fridge freezer with water and ice maker , the water comes out but it dont make ice ??? and now my fridge is not getting cold..??

Check for frost in back of the freezer
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My Maytag side by side with water dispenser and ice maker doesn't work. We bought a house - never lived in - and the fridge and freezer work fine. We replaced the water filter and find that no water comes out (initially just a trickle) and no ice is made. (an initial load of a few ice cubes where I believe the water was already in the resevoir only). The water is turned on but you can see the water in the clear tube in the back is not feeding to the fridge. The manual references a saddle valve but there is no diagram saying what that is. Water pressure is fine in the house - the tubing seems fine - no kinks. All settings have been set properly . Like I said - fridge operates fine except water and ice... I think it's the ''saddle valve'' but don't know where/what it is. Thanks.

The sadle valve is located on the copper pipe where the tube attaches to your water pipe in the house. Shut the water off at the saddle valve. Remove the hose from the rear of the frig on the water inlet valve and put it into a pail. Tunr the water on at the saddle valve and see how fast the water comes out. Some times if the saddle valve is installed on the bottom of the copper pipe they will get corrosive and restrict water flow. Open and close the valve several times to make sure it is clear and reinstall the hose to the rear of the frig. Turn the water back on to see if it works.
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Our fridge does not make ice - Whirlpool Gold side-by-side GS5SHAXNT00

Can you lower the ice maker temp on that model.Thanks J
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A year ago I was given a very large White Westinghouse Fridge-Freezer of unknown age. I can't see the model number as some of the information on the back has been damaged. It's an American-style product, with two tall compartments side by side rather than on top of one another. The freezer section has an ice maker and cold water dispenser... anyway the machine worked well for months, but now although the machine appears to be still running - lights, compressor etc, it's stopped getting really cold. The freezer side is just above freezing (Ice doesn't stay ice but it feels cold) and the fridge side is only just below ambient temp. The only thing I can see wrong is that at the back is a narrow plastic tube coming out of a joint near the top of the fridge: this had become detached, and it seems empty. I have put it back, but it's still empty. I am afraid the product may not be repairable but I need to be sure. What should I do?

Have you tried cleaning the condensor coils.
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Whirlpool GR2FHTXVQ00 fridge. Water dispenser

The water inlet valve on the back of the unit where the water supply comes in can have a slow leak and will cause ice to buildup and block the fill tube. Disconnect the ice maker line from the valve and watch to see if it has a slow drip. It doesn’t take much to eventually block the fill tube. The valve can leak because of sediment in the water preventing it from closing or low water pressure.You can thaw out the fill tube and replace the inlet valves.
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