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SOUNDS LIKE FAN BROKEN IN FREZZER. NOISE STOPS WHEN DOOR IS OPEN1. Loud buzzing sound comes on and goes only when open a door. The noise will stay on loud untill you open the door again. 2. The fridge and freezer freeze up causing the temperature to rise and jump up to high warm levels. 3. This problems is ongoing for 6 months and the local agents can't get this sorted out.

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Whining sound from motor on Frigidaire upright freezer

Hi: It sounds like you bought a frost free freezer as it has a fan. The fan will come on to circulate the air. It will not necessarly run continuosly. The noise is most likely coming from the fan. I sold Frigidaire freezers for years and they are noisy compared to a refridgerator. If you think it is louder than it was when you bought it, I would replace the circulating fan. Also look at the back wall for frost as it could be a bad defrost heater blocking it with ice. Most likely just the fan though. Since it's in a detached garage,and you won't have to put up with the noise inside your house, it could run a while before failing. The fact it's getting cold is a very good sign.Also as you asked 2'nd, a freezer is ok in an unheated garage. Don't put a refrigerator in there. Unless It is a Whirlpoll Gladiator that is designed for such applications. Use to find out where the fan is if you feel it is necessary to replace it. Its not a tough job if you are handy. Their shipping is expensive so you might want to buy it locally.
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Fridge Freezer very noisy!

Cycling every 30 mins is normal. bear in mind that frost free are more noisy as there are fans running as well. you appear to have temp in freezer too high - should be -18degC
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Maytag model MQU1556AEW, frost-free freezer forms ice in bottom.

I'm not sure if this will help but the freezer that is located on the bottom of my refrigerator started forming ice on the back part where the cold air was supposed to be coming out. I kept hearing a hissing sound like water dripping on a hot surface. I called the repair man in and he had to replace the defrost timer. Once he did that it worked like a charm. I am not an expert by any means although removing ice from a frost-free freezer is a pain and this took care of the problem for me. Good luck!
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Our Matsui MC170 FridgeFreezer has stopped working. It is just out of the 1 year guarantee period. It has always been very noisy with a harsh rattling sound when the compressor was operating, but this has now stopped of course. The light comes on and the fan seems to come on, so the electricity supply is ok. Curry's, the suppliers, say it might be a manufacturing defect but it is up to us to obtain an engineer's report to confirm it. Surely it must be, as these items must be built with an intended working life of more than 1 year? Any ideas? Many thanks We have tried changing the thermostat settings, switching on and off with different intervals (this worked once before when just the freezer stopped working, but now both parts have stopped)

I'm more than happy to have a look at the item in question to give you a professional opinion leaving you documentation to pass onto Curry's who should then legally look after you with this purchase from them.
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I have 16.7 upright Frigidaire Ultrafreeze freezer, Model AFFU1766DW3 & SERIAL #WB51720061, manufactured 04/05 that I purchased new 11/05. Water was on the floor next the the freezer but the light on the inside of the freezer and the exterior yellow power light under the door remained on. I am pretty sure the freezer door was tightly shut when I opened the door. The food seemed still frozen- I shut the door quickly. Frozen water was also on the inside bottom of the freezer. I did not hear any freezer running sound initially. I flipped all my circuit breakers-- though none appeared to be in the off position. Freezer running sound eventually started. What caused the water to be on the floor outside the freezer & on the inside of the bottom of the freezer?? What should I do to prevent this from happening again? Thanks, Anne from Seattle

Your evaporator coils frost up in normal use and every eight hours or so the entire unit shuts down and the defrost heater comes on to melt the frost. This cycle last about 20 minutes. The melted frost drips into a drain pan and through a drain tube to the drain tray under the freezer/refrigerator where it's evaporated by the condenser fan. Your drain tube may be stopped up with ice at the upper end because it drains too slow because it's stopped up at the lower end in the evaporator pan under the unit at the floor. It can get dust and mold in it. Once you get the ice out at the top a little pressure with a turkey baster will usually clear it out. Flushing it out with hot water and clorox may help. Make sure it drains quick enough to prevent refreezing. . The drain should be located below the evaporator coils on the lower back of the freezer.
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"High wind" sound following defrost.

Freon running through the feon lines can make some odd noises, usually a gurgling or higher pitched noise. If your freezer works fine with no more strange noises, then don't worry about it. If you have temperature problems or continue to have abnormal noises, then see if your freezer has the 5 year sealed system warrantee that most freezers have. If it does, and it is under 5 years, then call Frigidaire to come out to check it out for free. If it is out of warrantee you will need to live with it or replace the freezer, since a freon sealed system repair is very high. Good Luck, Appliance Specialists
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There is a horrible foul smelling fish like odor coming from the freezer. It has been cleaned inside and out and we found a dead mouse under the freezer but removed it and then cleaned again. There has been no food in freezer for 7 days - just pans of baking soda that are replaced daily and the foul smell comes from the cold air vented into the freezer. There is also a weird sound when the door is closed - like a "goopy-glopping" kind of sound - like something is clogged. Freezer is 16 yrs old and have never had this problem before. Freezer is in a garage.

This is just an idea. the sounds may just be age.. some systems are louder than others and some that are noisy become quiet. But the smell concerns me. It may be that there is something in the cooling fins that is producing the smell. The air from the outside does not directly go into the freezer so I don't think the mouse is the issue. Problems like this usually end up coming from the insulation inside the walls of the freezer. But since you have no history of the freezer loosing power and fish going bad I can suggest anything...If you have any easy access to the inside of the freezer try and take a look. One way to possible clean the smell is to put a bunch of charcoal briquettes on some cookie sheets and put those inside the freezer for a day or two. then switch them out... also you can put a pan of armor hammer backing powder down inside and change that every other day. good luck
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Bubbling sound coming from the bottom of my freezer

There is a vacuum build up in the freezer compartment when you close the door. This can make the door difficult to open. You can overcome this by sticking a small lollipop stick to the bottom part of the door gasket. This will act as a vacuum breaker.
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My freezer makes a loud squeaking noise but it is not constant. Sometimes it is very loud and three hours later the sound goes away and everything sounds normal. I would think if it were a burnt bearing in the fan motor the noise would be constant. The freezer maintains it cold temperature. The sound is best described as a fan belt slipping in a car's engine. Any ideas would be helpful

It's probally the fan motor. Sometimes adding a drop or oil to the shaft will quiet down a noisy fan.
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