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Traulsen URS36DT: Freezer Coil freeze's Question is what needs replaced ? Defrost Timer or Defrost Thermostat ? How does one check ? I have Multimeter & would check it out if I had a clue where to start ? Thanks Rob [email protected]

Posted by AzRob on Dec 11, 2007

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Traulsen URS36DT: Freezer Coil freeze's Question is what needs replaced ? Defrost Timer or Defrost Thermostat ? How does one check ? I have Multimeter & would check it out if I had a clue where to start ? Thanks Rob [email protected]

Checking a def system is kind of easy. if you have located the defrost timer just turn the little knob on the timer until the unit shuts off, shortly you should hear "hissing and pooping" from water dropping on the heater. this lets you know that the defrost thermostat is good. if you dont hear this noise check your def thermostat and heater for continuity. if you put it into def and the heater comes on then you have a bad timer..
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Ok we have a kenmore upright freezer Model # 253.26062103. We got it brand new about 3-4 years ago. It was working fine til about 2 weeks ago when the ice cream became soft and high temp alarm started going off..everything else stayed frozen. my husband checked and there was frost build up on the back wall which we decided to take evrything out of the freezer and self defrost it because we thought since the outside temp was unusually high maybe the freezer wasnt able to defrost properly. We did this and plugged it back in a few days later. We put a thermometer inside the freezer and it is only reading 20 degrees F or -5 celcius. Still not cold enough. We then replaced the electronic control panel which also houses the defrost timer and that did not help raise the temp. Alarm still going off when switched is turned on. We then decided to have a repair service out...they said it was the defrost heater, timer and thermostat, we said we already replaced the timer, so we bought the other 2 parts and replaced them. well it is still not cooling properly and we have no idea what to check next...This is costing us a ridiculous amount of money and we can't get a solution...Any help would be appreciated.

I had the same problem and it turned out to be the sensor, a $15 part. it pretty much controls everything related to defrosting.
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Kenmore Model # 2539284214 Serial# WB05106301 Found freezer thawing out Compressor was hot and cycling on the Compressor O/L in cycle about 7 times and then started to run Temp inside went to 4.8 Degrees then shut off and came back on at 15.8 degrees It ran like this from 9:30 PM until 5:30 the next day. when i checked it at 5:30 PM it was in the defrost cycle which is suppose to happen after 12 hr.of compressor run time. when it completed the defrost cycle it would start it was cycling on the compressor O/L for about 10 times then it finally started. the amperage on start up was 15.5 then it went to run at 4.5 amps for about 5sec. then tripped out. The cycle time when it was running off the t-stat was approx.30 -40 min. The t-stat is set on #1 and the blower is running Compressor was to hot to touch. My question is the compressor going bad or could it be the door gasket and it is running to long over heating the compressor once it stays running the amperage is 1.5 amps Could it be low on refrigant all the coils are inside. shows no signs of icing up

When its running how hot are the sides the starting amps are too high and 1.5 running amps ain't bad now the the cut in cut out are too high if you look on the dial that the mid point settings that's where you should have it not on 1 1 is hot set it on the straight line that's where you should do all your testing colder settings go up not down you could be overheating the compressor by making it come on too quick the freezer should be about -10 or so do you see any gaps in the gasket
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Freezer trips breaker

If it is tripping the breaker when the unit is in defrost this is will not be the capacitor. You could have a heater or defrost thermostat issue. Please contact a professional for a full diagnosis.
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Freezer compressor not able to start and noisy.

I agree with Brian on the above answer about it being locked up. Take an amp reading within the few seconds the compressor is trying to start. If it is high (15 amps and up) the compressor could be bad. One option prior to compressor replacement would be a 3 in 1 hard start relay. This has the overload, relay and capacitor built in. It ramps up power sometimes more than what it is existing. If this does not work then the compressor needs replacement and you would need a qualified service technician to replace it.
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Defroster leaks my refrigerator leaks water from the inside of the unit. i had an technician check the problem. he said it was the defroster that was leaking the water. what should i do? soon i'll have to replace my flooring because of the water. please help with this problem. I am having this same problem with my refrigerator.  We have a Kenmore which was purchased from Sears probably 5-6 years ago when we bought our house.   It is a "refrigerator -freezer with autommatic defrost and top mounted freezer"  There is an icemaker but we do not use (it is not hooked to a water line because it won't reach one in our kitchen.) It's a Kenmore.  The paperwork says it is model #7113 the full model number given inside the fridge says it's model 253.71134103 Anyhow - every week I have to empy the fridge and mop up much water from under my vegetable bins and the top of many of the shelves.  It seems the lower shelves are worse - and the freezer doesn't seem to need defrosting.   There is sometimes a thin layer of ice on one of the shelves. Any help on how to fix this would be much appreciated.

You have a cloged evap. drain. the rf is defrosting properly but with the drain be clogged the water has to go somewhere which is generally in the crisper draws on top and bottom models. two way to clear up this issue. turn rf OFF for at least 48 to 72 hrs. to allow the drain to de-ice or take matters into your own hands and take the back panel off of the freezer and using boiling hot water pour it down the evap. drain tube until it flows like you just flushed a tiolet
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Freezer Burn I can not put meat in the freezer with regular freezer bags it starts getting freezer burn from the beginning so I invested in a food saver (as they suggested) the meat doesn't get freezer burn but it does change color (brownish) I have noticed that when I check on the meat 24 hours later there are parts of it that have not froze solid (it takes about 48 hours) My icecream is always soft. I keep the freezer on minus -10. I have had 2 different repair companys and one Sears repair man to check my freezer and everyone says there is nothing wrong with it and that I'm not packing my meat correctly..they say that no air is getting inside and temp. is correct. I have been a housewife for 45 years and have had about 3 freezers in my lifetime and I never had this problem. They told me that you have to use a vacuum sealer although I have not needed to ever before. My thoughts are it may be defrosting and re freezing when I'm not aware since it is in my basement away from my everyday living space. What do you think can be wrong that I can ask a repair man to check.

It sounds like you may be overloading your unit. If you place a large quanity of non frozen items in the freezer at one time, it may take a few hours to bring the temperature back down. This usually happens with a chest type not an upright. Insure when adding items to the freezer there is room for air movement. With out looking at it I think the problem is the defrost timer or sensor. Maybe staying on too long increasing the overall temperature of the unit. When ever the defrost cycle is on, the cooling unit is also off. As far as the meat freezer burning, none of the freezer bags I have used prevent this. I pr-wrap my meat in freezer paper and then place it in a bag, sometimes freezer bags sometimes not. I try not to buy meat from grocery stores, I grow my own meat and have it butchered and vacuum packed, it doesn't change color. Please note that items in a freezer bag moved around after the contents have frozen will cause air leaks in the bags very easily.
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It would stop freezing and the alarm would come on. After pressing the express freeze button it would start freezing again. After about 11 hours after this freezing began the alarm would come back on again. This has been the cycle for months now. After these months it will stop this cycle and go into a normal freeze defrost cycle. This normalcy will last for about 1year at which time the problem starts all over again. What is causing this to happen ?

Check the engine and pipes.cooler
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