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Freezer is running constantly and sides and top are hot.

I have noticed this today, that my freezer is running constantly and the sides and top are hot to the touch. The freezer is ten to 12 years old, so I am wondering if it is "dying" on me or what could be the problem. I need an answer fairly quick as I am going to be picking up about 200 lbs of meat on Monday. The food in the freezer is frozen, so it seems to be working fine, I am just worried about it being so hot.

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Freezer is constantly running and sides seem to be caving in on outside

Most likely there is a defect in the coolant system, you might want to get a repair man to help. What i think is happening is water is getting in the sides and when it expands/ contracts it causes the sides to cave in.
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Freezer is running constantly and sides and top are hot.

First whirlpool makes a good product as far as the sides being hot good sign the condensing coils are in the sides are supposed to be hot worry if its running and they are cold then not working right ok as far as running modern units useing 134a do have long run times but are not using but same enegry as 100watt light bulb otay
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Kenmore Upright Freezer compressor running 6 seconds every minute

Usually the compressor runs pretty warm anyway. However if you think it's too hot I would start with the condenser coils located either under the unit or on occasion they are located on the back. The air flow across these coils as well as the airflow around the compressor must be maintained. I forgot to ask if the condenser fan is running. Check and make sure that the Fan is running and the air flow is good. Also, When you transported the unit did you move it standing vertically like it normally stands or did you lay it on its side. If you transported the unit on its side you must wait a minimum of 24 to 48 hours prior to start up or the unit could be ruined permanently. The refrigerant has to be utilized through the compressor as a gas. If the unit is on its side liquid refrigerant could be introduced into the compressor and can cause permanent damage. If this is the case I recommend that you turn the unit off at once and wait the 36 hours for the Refrigerant to settle then try it again. This transportation rule applies for any appliance That uses refrigerant, Air Conditioners etc. These units are not that hard to diagnose. The only other item that is usually a problem is the defrost timer. It is not very expensive and can also cause some of the same symptoms that you are eluding to. The defrost timer allows the freezer to periodically shut down to prevent the buildup of frost or ice on he evaporator coils and on the inside the unit. If it is defective, then the unit will either run all the time and cause the evaporator coils to freeze up or will not allow the compressor to switch on and it will not freeze like it should.
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Kenmore Model # 2539284214 Serial# WB05106301 Found freezer thawing out Compressor was hot and cycling on the Compressor O/L in cycle about 7 times and then started to run Temp inside went to 4.8 Degrees then shut off and came back on at 15.8 degrees It ran like this from 9:30 PM until 5:30 the next day. when i checked it at 5:30 PM it was in the defrost cycle which is suppose to happen after 12 hr.of compressor run time. when it completed the defrost cycle it would start it was cycling on the compressor O/L for about 10 times then it finally started. the amperage on start up was 15.5 then it went to run at 4.5 amps for about 5sec. then tripped out. The cycle time when it was running off the t-stat was approx.30 -40 min. The t-stat is set on #1 and the blower is running Compressor was to hot to touch. My question is the compressor going bad or could it be the door gasket and it is running to long over heating the compressor once it stays running the amperage is 1.5 amps Could it be low on refrigant all the coils are inside. shows no signs of icing up

When its running how hot are the sides the starting amps are too high and 1.5 running amps ain't bad now the the cut in cut out are too high if you look on the dial that the mid point settings that's where you should have it not on 1 1 is hot set it on the straight line that's where you should do all your testing colder settings go up not down you could be overheating the compressor by making it come on too quick the freezer should be about -10 or so do you see any gaps in the gasket
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Freezer runs constantly

Not necessarily, is it maintaining temp? all food staying frozen? especially ice creams if stored in there. most newer freezers displace the heat generated while cooling the food through copper lines running through sides of unit, helps to cut down on air temp differences between the inside (0 degrees) and outside temp to prevent moisture and possible condensation causing premature rusting of unit
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Exterior side walls VERY hot

Hi wjjlaw,ngafm at your service,Is the hot side th open side or against the wall or cabinet side?Have you touched this side before in he two years you have this appliance? Or is it that you just noticed it?And if you can keep your hand on that spot for a long time it is not so hot only warm? If it is not burning your had it is probably just the characteristic of that fridge! Check if the freezer part is full to the top and packed full.Freezers can not be so full that you cover the cold air vents usually found in th rear of the freezer. My advice is only a trained tech can remedy this problem, this time!If I were there I'm sure I could nail it down!You need hands on service!Bless You ,ngafm,Please give me a good rating before you sign off.Thank you.
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Ffu20fc6aw4 frigidaire upright freezer isn't cooling. The compressor is very hot to the touch and the sides are warm. Freezer was left open while running by a small child and not discovered for almost a week-hasn't cooled properly since then. HELP!

Hello,The advice i will give you is that you refill the compressor of your refrigerator with freon, because the refrigerator compressor is low on freon, that is why the compressor is very hot,.ensure you don't power on the unit anylonger until you refill the compressor with freon otherwise, the compressor will be damaged. Refill the compressor of your unit with freon and your unit should be back in place.Take care.
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I have a Kenmore 16 cu ft upright freezer that runs constantly( Model 2539206281). It has a manufacture date of 1991. It has been in storage most of its life. I know the door seal needs replaced but I wanted to see if it still worked before I invested a lot of money in it. For now I use a piece of duct tape to keep the door sealed. I adjust the thermostat and it does change the inside temperature. I have tried this over several days. Making it cooler or warmer works by adjusting the thermostat. The highest setting will pull the inside temperature down to -10. However when I adjust the thermostat the other way it doesn't shut off until it reaches off. The sides and top are hot to the touch. Is it a problem with the thermostat or something else?

Replace the dor seal
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